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ReferralFrenzy - The Ultimate Mailer

Viral Mailers are an Ingenious New Way to Promote your Products, Affiliate Links, and Websites…

Promote Easily, Instantly, and Virally!
Before, getting hot targeted prospects has never been so easy...

WebmailAd with its well proven, state-of-the-art LFMVM Viral Mailing technology, is here to provide you with even MORE of that easiest, fastest traffic! And it's all FREE!

It only takes seconds to send your ad and you could potentially be making sales or generating leads in just minutes after that. All you do is grab your ad and send it. That's it! No list. No website. No merchant account. No hosting account. Nothing!

It doesn't get simpler than that..
Just get inside and Mail To The Max!

Post your banners and advertising links!
Even 15 unique clicks a day means 450 clicks per month, which is easily worth $100 to $200 if you were paying for traffic by the click…

WebmailAd is close to 3 years old!​
It is well proven and used by over 2200 members

Grab your referral link and share WebmailAd with others.
When they purchase extra credits or services, you will get up to 85% commission!

Even if they never buy anything, you will get extra advertising credits. Each time your referrals click on an ad,
you will automatically earn credits too. The more members you refer to Webmail Ad, the more credits and commission you earn.

Inside, you will also find many other, carefully chosen, Free Advertising Sources, often with exclusive promo codes for our members.
WebmailAd will strive to be not only your top quality mailer, but also your Ultimate Destination for Free Online Advertising!

The admin here, Merry Makowski, will be giving you some of her best tips (based on testing and case studies) on getting the maximum results with WebmailAd and Free Advertising in general...You should *test* and be creative…

Remember, you will only be getting live, real-time targeted traffic.
Real people visiting your site! No fake traffic here. No fake stats!

Free WebmailAd membership will give you:

⇒ 1500 Mailer Credits Monthly

⇒ NO Limit on How Many Members You Can Mail (with credits)

⇒ Mail Every 72 hours

⇒ 8 Second Mail Credits Timer

⇒ Dynamic Clicking Ratios

⇒ 3 Saved Email Templates

⇒ Professional Stats Counter with 5 Link Trackers & Rotators

⇒ Mail Your Referrals Without Credits

⇒ Transfer Credits to your Referrals

Earn 25% Referral Credits

⇒ Earn 25% Referral Commission

⇒ Purchase Credits and Upgraded Membership with Your Commission

⇒ Refer To Earn A FREE Upgrade

⇒ Additional Free Advertising and Extra Goodies

And yes, we do provide pro accounts with extra perks and benefits, but we will never require you to upgrade. WebmailAd is and always will be free to use.

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