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WebmailAd FAQs

What is WebmailAd?

WebmailAd is the newest, cutting-edge viral mailer, built on the famous and most reliable Launch Formula Marketing (LFM) Membership Site Script.

WebmailAd is equipped with the full suite of mailing features including:

⇒Advanced scheduling
⇒Previous email templates saving
Anti-cheat measures
⇒Dynamic clicking ratios
⇒Automated monthly bonuses

WebmailAd also provides its members with additional advertising options and with free, professional link tracking and rotation service.

What is a Viral Mailer?

Viral Mailer is a special type of Permission Based Email Marketing Service, providing its members with direct access to each other email. Members can email their own promotions, affiliate links, joint venture requests, etc. They send info about their websites in return for viewing the emails sent by the other members.

Viral mailers, although similar to safelists, are NOT safelists! Viral mailers are much more sophisticated and much more superior. They place high limitations on the frequency with which emails can be sent, which prevents the abuse of the system and keeps the volume of emails in a reasonable level.

Members are encouraged and rewarded with credits for reading each other emails; Members are never advised to open a secondary email account and use it purely to receive mailings from other members...

Yes, often in safelists, you have to register with 2 emails, one for your list and another one for administration ha ha ha... so the safelist owner can send his messages directly to your inbox, but the fellow marketer member, he can only send it to your bogus safelist email... the one you hardly even open...

Altogether, you are much more likely to find a productive viral mailer than a productive safelist...
And, inside WebmailAd you are surely to find a great and a productive mailer.

WebmailAd has some distinctive features that we trust, will assure its high and active membership.

WebmailAd, like all viral mailers, limits the frequency in each members can email each other, BUT it does not limit the number of emails that its free or lower level upgraded members can send at once . In WebmailAd, ALL members can really mail to the max. Meaning that as long as they have enough mailing credits, they can mail their messages not to 500 or 1000 … they can mail to all members.

And... because at WebmailAd credits are precious and limited commodity, those messages will be read and will be clicked on. Our Credit Ratio and Dynamic Clicking Ratio Structure are well-thought-out to encourage to the max all members (even the highest upgraded ones) to read and click on each other mails.

In WebmailAd, the volume of emails in one’s inbox depends entirely on the level of membership. Free members receive unlimited mailings and the highest upgraded members do not receive any; they collect additional advertising credits by viewing other members messages not in their email boxes but directly at the Webmailad site.

If you think about it, we hope that you agree that this is a fair and sensible solution. There are of course other differences between our membership levels, but you will have to read about those inside, plus, all our upgraded memberships are merely extras…

WebmailAd primary purpose is to provide high quality, free advertising, and its primary membership is and always will be 100% free. Free members mail to the max and easily earn sufficient amount of credits to be able to send those max mailings without any extra purchases.

Hoping to see you inside,

Merry Makowski, WebmailAd owner and main administrator

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